Newsgroups and Friends on the Net Links.Ссылки на радио-любительские сайты.
(low down on UK happenings)




(UK) 2E1AQO/N9YGE Dawn's Pages;
(UK) 2E0APY Jonathan's Pages;
(UK) 2E1AVX - Teen Packet ARC Pages;
(UK) 2E1FXN, Dave's Pages
DX Portal Ham Radio Portal
(UK) Bristol ARC Pages;
(UK)(G6YB) Bristol Contest Group
(UK) M5AHJ Pete's Site
(UK) Brunel ARS
(UK) Crawley ARS
(UK) G0CUQ's Ilford Group RSGB Pages
(UK) G0EOJ's SSTV Pages
(UK) GM0EXN John in N Scotland
(UK) G0FVI Andy's Pages
(UK) G0GCW Max's Pages
(UK) G0MTQ John's Pages
(UK) G0WDA's Page

UK Links, Homepages etc
Some links may not still be valid. Corrections appreciated.(UK) G0WKM's Pages
(UK) G1FYC/G0TYA Mark's Page
(UK) G1GYC's Martin Pages
(UK) G1JGY Howard's Page
(UK) G1NTW's Pages WAB

(UK) G1ZCW Jonathan's Page
(UK) G3UPF Incl Modd for Pye/Philips MX290
G3XSV's Pages
(UK) G3YCC QRP Pages
(UK) G3YWX Ian's Pages
(UK) Neill Taylor's Pages, G4HLX
(UK) G4JHI's Am radio Page
G3PMR (UK) Ham Software
G4LLZ's Pages
(UK) G4ZFE, Richard's Pages
(UK) G4ONF Wavemeter
(UK) G6VYS, Shane's Pages (Incl IRC)
(UK) G7KPF's Pages
(UK) G7PBB, John's Pages
(UK) G7WFC's Pages

G8AYD's Pages Roy Clarke
(UK) G8CHQ Dave's Pages
(UK) G8DHE Geoff and family
(UK) G8HLC's Mark, Virtual Rally

GB3RR 6 metre reptr UK
(UK) GD4IHC's Pages
(UK) GM0BRJ's Drew's Pages;
(UK) GU3MBS From Guernsey;
(UK) GW0TQM, Carl's Homepages;
Harwell ARC
Leicester ARS;
(UK) Anchor Supplies Ltd Nottingham
(UK) Jonathan Milton (SWL)'s Page;
(UK) Kanga QRP Pages;
Lothians ARC Scotland
(UK) Maidstone ARC
425 Club in Wales
(UK) Pages Extensive: Most Useful;
(UK) Peterlee Radio Club
(UK) Radio Today Magazine: Our favourite!
Siemens (GPT) ARC in Nottingham
(UK) Sheffield ARC
(UK) The Salopian Web (UK) G8AYD
(UK) Shropshire IP TC/IP Packet
(UK) The Brit Index Pages with a UK flavour.
(UK) Monitor Magazine Waters and Stanton
(UK) G-QRP Pages Low down on QRP
(UK) GW-QRP Club Pages from Wales
Highfields ARC, Cardiff GW0KIG
RAS (Nottingham)
(UK) The Britain Travel Page
(UK) What's new in the UK Internet Magazine's pages
(UK)RNARS Pages Royal Navy
(UK) Pile-Up! Software by Rich, G4ZFE
(UK) Poole Radio Soc
(UK) Silverthorn Radio Club
(UK) Uni of Surrey in Guildford EARS
(UK) Wythall Radio Club Nr Birmingham
(UK) The Shortwave Shop M0AUY
WesseX Rptr Gp(UK) GB3WX/GB3WA
(UK) Intl Listeners Assoc
UK Amprenet SW
Matt's SWL Webring

US, Foreign, Worldwide and Miscellaneous Links

Society for Amateur Radio in The Netherlands
Daryl's Shortwave Page for SWLs
AB5XU Sid George's Dynamic Pages
AD4SI's Pages from Va USA;
Arizona Amateurs on TV US TV Site
The Arkansas DX Association page DX
Baycom Pages
Clear Lake Houston ARC Pages;
Coastal Plains ARC in S Georgia
Contest calendar from Norway
CU2GP's Pedro Page
Cubex Quad antennas, US;
Carsten's Page From Germany
Goldcoast ARS VK4WIG (Australia)
Steve HB9FMX Switzerland;
IW9CER Tony in Sicily
FCC Pages
Dave KC6WFS's Pages
Dutch ARS VRZA from the NL
Ham Gear
I-O cards for Ham-Radio World
JA3HUL Hide in Japan;
JA3HML From Japan Hideaki ;
JA4BVH's Page;
JH4PHW Shiro in Tokyo
JH4PHW's DX Web Page
K3FU Paul Elmers Resource Directory
K6BMG's Direction Finding page;
K6XC's Pages
KB4MOX's Page;
KB5TBZ's Club Page from Texas
KB5UOK from Texas
KB9DBC Gregg's Page;
KC5FM's Lloyd's Pages
KC5JKN Software for prog hh Radios;
KG8OE New Pages
K9MY's Jerry's Pages in the US KI4RO John's Pages
KM6MB John (ex-Pat)'s Pages
LA6YJA Svend's Pages
Marco Island Web Server: Very good.
M1BHP (UK) Dave's Pages
Mario 5B4WN's Page
N0DVG's Homepage.
N0VYK Glenn's Pages ;
N0WNT's Terry's Pages;
Mike, N3KFN's DX Page;
N3BUO's Dave's Pages
NT3B Jack's Pages
N3IKS John's packet Page (US)
N3VMH Jeff' Ryan's Pages from Pa;
N4TUX Boyd's Pages
N5GAR's Tom's Pages;
N5NU Jason's Pages
N5NW, Clay's Pages;
N5WF Pages Wichita ARS
N9MXQ, Gene's Pages;
N9YAP's Pages
NZ9E Dave Miller's Pages
NW7US AR Command Center
The Magic Band Network"(50MHz) PB0ALN
Contesting & DX from Paraguay
OH6JSL's Lars' Pages from Finland
Slovak Amateur Radio Association
Radioclub OM3RDX Slovakia
Rado OM6KW Slovakia
Radioclub University of Zilina OM3RDX
ON6TS Albert's Page
Mohawk SWL Club;
Dutch Amateur Radio Site; WIL (NL10972)
PA3CQR Folkert in Holland
PA0GTB Cor's Page from NL
PD1AEH Bert's Page from Holland
PE1OXY Marcel's Page
VE7LEE Ted from Toronto
Paolo YV1DIG's Multi-lingual ham pages;
PK and KA Gold Software for packet
Prince Edward Radio Club Canada
PROmess.html by Datamatrix from KD0QL;
Radio & Radio Astronomy Fascinating
VE2CTV From Quebec, Gerard's Pages
Radio Club, Harrow, UK
Scanner and Hacking page;
Simon, S53ZO's Pages
Swiss Radio Club
Swiss Radio Club
SM2IRZ's Homepages from Sweden
SV2RR Gregory's Pages from Greece.
The DX Hound's Crossroads Page;
The Shack Local CB and Ham site
UT7CT Anton in the Ukraine
Tony VK3ZTR's Page;
Townsville ARC Austr. VK4WIT
US ScoutRadio Page
< A>Romeo's Pages from Canada
VE6OA's Pages from Canada;
VE7DNT Trevor's Pages;
Venus Electronics PC shareware
Visit the HAMlet!
Waverley ARC VK2BV
Ed, W3BNR's Pages
< A WA5YKO?s>Pages
WA7YAZ's Steve Pages;
WA6BOB John Orton
WD9ACQ Al in Ms;
US Towers Commercial site;
YL2PG Gunar in Latvia
Virtual Hamfest Pages from Steve WB8HNC
VK3XPD Alan's Pages (Microwaves)
VK4ATB Trevor's Pages (Qsld);
VK4AU Qsld Austr.
VK4YAL From Qsld Au;
Wireless Inst of Australia Downunder Radio from NSW.
York Reg ARC fromCanada
WAB4WIN Software for WAB Award
Wichita ARC Kansas
WinGold Investments
ZL1BPU Digital delights
Encyclopaedia of Am Radio Eqpt From the US
WIA Queensland Australia
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