How to Construct a Purple Box.
     The Purple Box is very simple to construct.  It takes only six components
and a PC board if you want.  The Purple Box is a telephone hold button.  It
will allow you to switch phones very easily.
     A red LED indicates when a party is on hold and is automatically
extinguished when either party releases the line.
     To install your Purple Box, remove the telephone case and locate the red
and green wires.  From the green wire, make a connection to L1 and from the red
wire a connection to L2.
     To test the circuit, call a friend and then while pressing the push
button, hang up the phone.  As soon as the phone is on the hook, you may let go
of the push button.
     D1 = Light Emitting Diode (LED)
     D2 = 1N4003 Diode
     R1 = 820 ohm 1/2 Watt
     R2 = 1K ohm  1/2 Watt
     S1 = N.O. Push Button    S1
   SCR1 = C106B1          __|__
                       +--o   o---+----R1----+
                       |         g|          |
    |                                        |
    |L1                  SCR----/            |L2
    |                                        |
  To Green                                To Red
   The SCR is a three prong IC.  The a,g, and c tell you what pins to use. The
"g" pin is the one on the left if you look at the numbers.
                                 Have Phun,
                                 The Flash

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